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Corrugated Cardboard Furniture

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Corrugated cardboard, sometimes called fiberboard, is a paper-based material that consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner boards. The corrugated cardboard is widely used by manufacturing of shipping boxes and shipping containers.

How to make cardboard furniture – DIY

Most of old cardboard has a high recycling potential and also can be a very inexpensive material for making eco-friendly furniture. Making your own ecological and modern furniture using old corrugated cardboard is a wise way to save your money and help keep our planet green.

More than that: well designed cardboard furniture goes beyond functional. Trust yourselves and your imagination can transform ordinary furniture items into individual works of art. So, you need a quick way to learn how to create your own design, home-improvement chef-d’oeuvres? Good news – there’s no big secrets.

Where to find cardboard furniture plans and patterns

To make basic, but stylish cardboard furniture items, as a chair or a stool, you only need a bit of ingenious design creativity and a little DIY skills. Find or draw your own plans. Having a clear visual idea of what you are want is a half-way to your first success.

Check out our Resources section for some free cardboard furniture plans, study them, take measurements and find out what exactly and how much old cardboard will you need.

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