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Cardboard Furniture Might Make Moving Less Horrific

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Australian Karton Group creates a cardboard furniture line

Photo of living room cardboard furnishings

Cardboard furniture sounds like a disparaging term for the kind of home decor you buy for your new apartment, but it is something that actually exists. More than that, it’s something you’d actually like to have in your home if  you don’t spill too much. Karton Group, a well known Australian home design company, created the line as an affordable, easy-to-move cardboard alternative to traditional home furnishing. Well, the Karton’s new idea could be a hard-sell to some right now, however it could be a great solution to those who have a tendency to move often.

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Jul 22

Create design home decor from recycled cardboard

Many of us move our used paper and cardboard right to a recycle bin. The household accumulations of cardboard and old paper are just one more thing to get rid of. Luckily, there are home decor and furniture designers and artists who see a challenge in all that wood pulp. They’re use it to create  decorative accessories, design furniture and even art.

To recycle or create your own design home decor and furniture items?

So what we usually sent to the recycling centers might find its way back to your home , in the form of unique home decor and furniture. Home designers make heavy-duty cardboard furniture that’s simple, comfortable, stylish and easy to put together without any special tools. Yet these items are  lightweight and very easy to move. The well-designed furniture and decor might appeal especially to college students, but they have enough of a hip look for a wider audience, too. You can simply customize the pieces to make your home look cool and  outstanding.

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May 26

Want to be eco-friendly? Try furniture made from corrugated cardboard!

Corrugated cardboard furniture is in growing demand

Tokyo-based online store offers Japanese shoppers more than 60 kinds of cardboard furniture, including tables and shelves. Furniture designer Chappy Okamoto launched the service based on his experience of producing a cardboard desk for his own child in 2002.

Okamoto’s office in the city of Nara contains tables and chairs made of corrugated cardboard. There is also a book cabinet, nearly 2 meters tall, that was made 10 years ago.

Using reinforced cardboard, the furniture is strong and safe. Available at prices from just over 4,000 yen to tens of thousands of yen, cardboard furniture is particularly popular among those allergic to chemical substances as well as elderly people.

Steel Inc. – From producing  metal accessories to designing furniture made of old cardboard

Steel Inc., a Tokyo-based design company and also producer of small metal accessories, sells a folding cardboard chair for 4,830 yen under the name of Parcel. The small, backless chair features a soft seat unique to cardboard.

The Parcel was developed by Takeshi Endo, chief executive of Steel, about 10 years ago. After a break in marketing, the company resumed selling the chair in the fall of 2011 and was surprised by a flood of orders, including those from elderly people attending Buddhist memorial services and players of musical instruments.

In Tennoji Ward in the city of Osaka, Cafe Danbouru, a small restaurant operated by packaging material maker Yanosiki Co., uses nothing but cardboard furniture including lamp shades hanging from the ceiling.

Furniture made from corrugated cardboard attracts consumers who are concerned about the environment and problems of the today’s society

Yanosiki, which employs many physically disabled workers, began producing cardboard furniture for use by them and the aged in 2005 and opened the cafe, adjacent to its plant, in 2008 as a place where people can actually utilize the furniture.

“Cardboard can be readily processed in detail as requested by the customer,” says Kiyoshi Shimazu, a Yanosiki designer.

Cardboard furniture is also drawing attention because of its easy installation in temporary housing units erected after a natural disaster or in the case of moving house. In addition, consumers are growing more discriminatory about furniture, adding fuel to demand for personalized products.

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Oct 14

Move It Collection Of Cardboard Furniture Presented At London Design Week 2011

Move It Collection of cardboard furnitureEarlier this week, visitors of London Design Week 2011 had a chance to see and try the “Move It” collection of cardboard furniture. The collection creator, Ruben der Kinderen from Holland Hence, told the visitors of his interest in two-ply corrugated cardboard, a material also known as Re-board. Re-board is very similar to MDF, but is much lighter thanks to its internal sandwich construction. It’s also very durable, water resistant and fully recyclable. BZ7SQ523SAXE

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Mar 10

Cardboard Furniture – How To Make – How To Build – Cardboard Furniture Articles

How to make cardboard furniture

Most of old cardboard has a high recycling potential and also can be a very inexpensive material for making eco furniture. Making your own ecologically friendly modern furniture using old cardboard is a wise way to save your money and help keep our planet green.

More than that: well designed cardboard furniture goes beyond functional. Trust yourselves and your imagination can transform ordinary furniture items into individual works of art. So, you need a quick way to learn how to create your design chef-d’oeuvres? Good news – there’s no big secrets.

Cardboard furniture plans

To make basic, but stylish cardboard furniture items, as a chair or a stool, you only need a bit of ingenious design creativity and a little DIY skills. Find or draw your own plans. Having a clear visual idea of what you are want is a half-way to your first success.

Check out our Resources section for some free cardboard furniture plans, study them carefully, take measurements and find out how much cardboard you will need.

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